Built on a carrier class infrastructure featuring state of the art networking equipment and multiple redundant systems, Unwired offers unbeatable speeds, reliability, and security to residential and business customers alike.

We own every piece of our network, from the point where we pass traffic from your home or office, all the way to where we peer with the nation's leading fiber networks. By owning and operating our entire network, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality service, the fastest speeds available, and the most reliable uptime - all at a competitive price!



Consumer Wireless Access

Business Wireless Access

Unbelievably fast, always-on internet access, with quick service turn-up! Get blazing fast speeds at an affordable rate for your home or home office. Get your business online with speeds burstable up to 22 Mbps! Ultra-flexible, unlimited options, and built-in redundancy for added security. What are you waiting for? Your business deserves it.

Enterprise Access

Data Center Access

Looking for more bandwidth or a custom solution to fit your business needs? Check out our enterprise solutions to help with all of your business goals including high speed fixed wireless, fiber, or conventional broadband solutions. Looking for a simple half-rack or a full cage at a first class data center? We have data centers located throughout California. Let us help you with your data center needs.

Fiber Access

Fiber to the home or business, offering speeds up to 10 Gbps! The ultimate in speed and reliability. Our expanding fiber footprint is bringing this option to more locations every day.