News and Updates

Check back frequently for updates on our service and expansion!

ISP Privacy Pledge

As you may have read in recent news, Congress has voted to repeal broadband privacy rules, paving the way for internet service providers to collect personal information about their users and disclose this information without customer consent. We at Unwired believe in protecting the privacy of our customers which is why we have started the ISP Privacy Pledge. We are vowing not to share our customer's data with 3rd parties and are encouraging other ISP's to take the pledge with us! Click The ISP Privacy Pledge for more details.

New Data Center Locations

We now have service at two new locations! The first location is located near Jack London Square at 720 Second Street in Oakland. The second location is at 529 Bryant Street in Palo Alto. Let us help your with your data center needs!

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Unwired is so sure you will love our wireless service that we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee! If you aren't completely happy with our service contact us within the 30 days and we will refund your money minus the cost of installation.

Anti-Virus/Spam Filtering Introduced to All Email Servers

All users of email will notice that Spam filtering is now being applied to your mailbox. Spam is now being marked with the word 'SPAM:' in the subject line if our filter detects it. You can use this subject text to setup email filters to route spam to a separate folder.

Free Up Your Phone Line and Reduce Your Monthly Phone Bill!

If you're interested in freeing up your phone line as well as reducing hefty long-distance charges, Unwired provides the perfect platform for VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Just sign up for VoIP with the provider of your choice and you can run your service right over our network, free of charge. Contact us today for a recommendation of a reputable VoIP company in your area.

Referral bonus

We are now offering incentives to our favorite people, You! Anyone who refers a new customer will be entitled to a discount on their next month's bill after the referral connects to the network. Referral discounts are $50 for a new residential user and $100 for a new commercial user.